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Integrated Management System Policy

The intention of the company is to be a permanently prosperous, reliable and recognized engineering and supply company operating in the investment market in the Czech Republic and abroad in the field of designing, engineering and procurement of equipment, machines, services, assembly and construction works, project implementation concerning construction and demolition of investment units and units in the business areas of oil and gas processing, petrochemistry and chemistry, power engineering, mechanical engineering and metallurgy, manufacturing industry and food processing, engineering, industrial, civil and environmental constructions and environmental engineering services.

We are aware that the fulfillment of our intention is only possible with the implementation of a management system that will lead to the best possible performance of the organization and satisfy the requirements of concerned parties consecutive to the context of the organization. To achieve our intention, we declare the following Policy.


Responsibility for Products

I.   We will provide products of the highest quality, meeting the requirements of our customers, as well as the requirements of legal and technical regulations concerning quality, environmental protection and occupational safety and health, as well as other commitments to which the company is bound.
II.  We are responsible to our employees and the public for ensuring that our products and activities do not cause injury or damage to the environment.


Prevention of Pollution and Risk Management

III.  Our approach to health and environmental protection is to prevent pollution, incidents, injuries and health damage caused by our activities or products.
IV.  We have implemented and have constantly been improving procedures for the permanent identification, evaluation and risk management concerning quality assurance, environmental protection and occupational safety and health.


Relations to Employees and the Public

V.   We support the improvement of the working environment, broad qualification upgrade of employees´ skills and their motivation to ensure customer satisfaction. We will increase the level of occupational safety and health and environmental protection.
VI.  We will communicate and cooperate with employees, their representatives and with public and administrative bodies operating in the field of environmental protection and occupational safety and health. We are open to civic and interest organizations.


Relations to Suppliers

VII.   When tendering and selecting suppliers, we will consider not only the quality of their products and services, but also their attitude to environmental protection and occupational safety and health at work.
VIII.  In contractual documents with suppliers, we will consistently apply the principles and procedures included in our integrated management system.


Integration and Continuous Improvement

IX.    Our permanent goal is to improve the quality of the working environment, products, environmental protection standards and occupational safety and health in accordance with the employee, customer and public expectations.
X.     We will pursue to expand our products offer.
XI.    We integrate QMS, EMS and OHSMS subsystems. We will develop the IMS and improve its efficiency and effectiveness.
XII.   Compliance with this Policy is subject to the Company Management review. This review shall also be perceived as an opportunity to identify the need for change and continuous improvement within the Company.


The Management of the Company undertakes to provide support and necessary resources and to create conditions for the fulfillment of this Policy. All employees are expected to ensure permanent implementation of the Policy within the scope of their powers and responsibilities.

In Brno, 20th November 2019