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About Us

Complete project documentation, project implementation on turn-key basis, experts in various professions, experience within the industry since 1950, projects implemented both in the Czech Republic and abroad – Kovoprojekta Brno a.s. entails all of these.

We offer complex services in the process, preparation and management of investment projects.

Early works

  • selection of land or route
  • technical consultancy in chemistry, mechanical engineering, metallurgy, civil engineering, power industry ecology and environmental protection
  • preparation of contracts with property owners, easements, etc.
  • ensuring of necessary surveys, especially geological and hydrogeological surveys
  • altimetry and planimetry

Design activities

  • preparation of documentation for planning permit, building permit and detail design
  • elaboration of intent notification or documentation according to Act No. 100/2001 Coll. (EIA) including health risk assessment and public consultation
  • preparation of Integrated permit (IPPC) according to Act No. 76/2002 Coll., including providing for the integrated permit issue
  • preparation of pre-commissioning and commissioning documentation
  • As-built documentation

Engineering and coordination activities

  • providing for the issue of a zoning permit or zoning consent
  • ensuring of a building permit
  • noise level measurement, noise level evaluation (noise study)
  • providing for dispersion study and expert assessment according to Act No. 201/2012 Coll.
  • site supervision
  • construction-related works
  • final acceptance certificate

Other construction activities

  • preparation of inquiry and order requisitions including competitive tendering for equipment supplies and assembling
    scheduling of works
  • signing contracts with selected vendors
  • elaboration of coordination procedures
  • expediting and inspection plan scheduling
  • site management
  • technical supervision
  • preparation and performance of pre-commissioning and commissioning
  • unit start-up
  • operator/staff training

Our long-term accomplishments are based on

  • team of experienced experts, including chartered engineers
  • wide range of professions
  • advanced technical background
  • wide range/scope of services
  • sophisticated management system
  • certification in compliance with ČSN EN ISO 9001:2016 and ČSN EN ISO 14001:2016 (Czech Quality Certificates)

We provide design documentation within the following disciplines

  • machinery and metallurgy
  • chemical engineering
  • piping
  • natural gas and other technical gases´ distribution networks
  • construction including connections to infrastructure
  • concrete and steel structure statics
  • technical building installations and devices
  • electrical power equipment
  • communication and safety equipment
  • instrumentation and control
  • transportation engineering
  • environmental protection

We provide individual services in investment projects´ process.

We use our knowledge of the industry and experience from various projects.